Barrel Aged™ Black Diamond Ceramic™ Ring with Cabernet and Turquoise Inlays and Moon Crater Carving


Peace of Mind Plan

From the Jewelry Innovations Barrel Aged™ Collection comes this dual inlay Black Diamond Ceramic men's ring, featuring a 2mm offset inlay of genuine Cabernet barrel wood and a 1mm crushed turquoise inlay. The edges are hand carved with our proprietary moon crater engraving. This style ring is also available in Serinium® and Rugged Tungsten™, and with barrel wood inlays from Bourbon, Single Malt Scotch, Chardonnay, Cognac and Rye Whiskey. Inside rounded Comfort Fit.

Our Barrel Aged Collection features solid wood inlays from authentic whiskey, wine and cognac barrels. Hand crafted by our skilled jewelers, these beautiful bands can be inlaid with barrel wood from specific brands of whiskey upon request.