The Jensen Jewelers Journey: Peace of Mind Plan covers many repairs needed on protected jewelry worn under normal conditions for a full five years. You can renew this plan for as long as you wish.



The Jensen Jewelers Journey: Peace of Mind Plan covers many repairs needed on protected jewelry worn under normal conditions for a full five years. You can renew this plan for as long as you wish.


  1. Free ring sizing. (One per year, up to two sizes larger)
  2. Free tightening of any gem in the setting.
  3. Free re-tipping or smoothing of prongs to prevent snagging.
  4. Free refinishing or polishing.
  5. Free bridal set soldering.
  6. Free replacement of diamonds or gemstones, if they break or chip.
  7. One Free Replacement of alternative metal jewelry pieces during entire plan.
  8. Free jar of jewelry cleaner. 
  9. Free clasp replacement on gold chains or bracelets.
  10. Free chain or bracelet soldering.
  11. Free restringing of pearls. 
  12. Free earring repair and back replacement on covered earrings.
  13. 30-day full value exchange privilege on any unaltered jewelry purchase.
  14. Free gift certificate for the full price of this plan may be applied to new jewelry purchases.
  15. Covers the replacement of one alternative metal band for sizing.


Jewelry Price Plan Price
$0 - $200 $29.95
$201 - $400 $39.95
$401 - $700 $69.95
$701 - $1,500 $139.95
$1,501 - $2,000 $169.95
$2,001 - $2,500 $199.95
$2,501 - $3,500 $299.95
$3,501 - $4,999 $399.95
Over $5,000 10% of total purchase price

*If the plan or covered jewelry are purchased on credit, the plan will be honored only while purchaser's account is current.

Your Responsibility

Care for your jewelry according to the instructions in your FYRE™ Grown Diamonds Collection warranty. This includes periodic inspections to check for loose prongs and other potential problems. Your FYRE™ Grown Diamonds Collection warranty offers other valuable benefits, including a Trade-In Value Guarantee and Lost Diamond Replacement (see warranty for details).

How to Use Your Plan

Simply take the protected item, along with this plan and your original sales receipt, to any Jensen Jewelers location. If this is inconvenient, call the store manager for instructions on where and how to send the jewelry. It is the customer's responsibility to prepay postage/freight charges and insure the jewelry for its full value. If you move out of the area, check to find and contact the Jensen Jewelers location nearest you.

Terms and Conditions

1. What is Covered

In consideration of payment of the Plan fee, a jeweler will furnish labor and materials necessary to maintain the merchandise referenced by the sales invoice, in a usable and wearable condition, provided such service is normal merchandise wear and to the extent that any and all provisions of underlying warranties and guarantees have been properly met. The terms of this Plan shall commence on the date of the sales invoice and continue for the term indicated on The Plan. This Plan covers additional conditions expressly not provided for under the FYRE™ Grown Diamond Collection Lifetime Limited Warranty.

All maintenance/repairs shall be completed by the issuing Jeweler, or by a repair center of the issuing Jeweler's choice. Nothing herein shall obligate issuing Jeweler to repair or replace materials resulting from excessive or abusive treatment of the merchandise other than normal wear and tear. This Plan applies only to the use of this merchandise under conditions for which it was designed and does not cover loss or damage resulting from fire, flooding, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, lightning, earthquake, theft, misuse, abuse, or acts of God.

The customer must and shall perform all maintenance required by certain underlying warranties to maintain the merchandise in such usable and wearable condition as provided in said warranties. Loss or damage resulting from failure to comply with recommended services and/or maintenance under such warranties and/or guarantees is not covered by this Plan. In no event shall the jeweler be liable for consequential damages or delays in rendering service under this Plan, or loss of use during the period that the merchandise is being repaired or otherwise awaiting parts. Parts may be replaced with others of like kind and quality. This Plan does not include replacement of ring shrinkage due to loss of gold.

2. How to use your plan

Simply take the covered item, along with this plan and your original sales receipt to any of the issuing Jeweler's stores. NOTE: Unauthorized repairs will void this Plan. This Plan is nontransferable.

3. This plan is guaranteed renewable.

4. This plan is for the benefit of the original customer, or the receiver of the merchandise in the case of a gift.

5. The plan fee is nonrefundable.

6. This instrument sets forth the entire agreement between the parties, and no representations, promises, or conditions not contained herein shall modify these terms.