About Pure Grown Diamonds

Pure Grown Diamonds are grown using above earth technology, which allows the growth of diamonds that have exceptional quality and purity, the rare Type IIa diamonds.

-          Pure Grown Diamonds, also referred to as Lab Grown Diamonds, are identical to mined diamonds in sharing the same physical, optical and chemical properties.

-          Pure Grown Diamonds are produced using advanced technology that replicates the conditions under which diamond crystals (or rough diamonds) are formed.

-          The production cycle of lab-grown diamonds takes about 10-12 weeks to produce the rough diamonds. The diamonds then must go through the processes of cutting, polishing, and certification.

-          It takes about nine months from the start of the process to achieve the final gorgeous lab grown diamond.

-          Every diamond from Pure Grown Diamonds is a genuine Type IIa diamond.


What is a Type IIa Diamond?

-          Type IIa diamonds are the most valued and the purest type of diamonds. These diamonds contain either very little or no nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure.

-         They are among less than 2% of diamonds, making them extremely rare because they are considered the purest form of diamonds. They tend to have the fewest inclusions, and imperfections. This allows the light to easily pass through the diamond, producing a stunning, sparkling, brilliant gem.


Why Buy a Pure Grown Diamond?

-          Pure Grown Diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free. The origin of these stones is assured.

-          Pure Grown Diamonds are environmentally friendly. In recent studies, the carbon footprint from lab grown diamonds is significantly less than that of a mined-Earth diamond.

-          Pure Grown Diamonds are sustainable. This sustainability means that the Earths natural resources for future generations were not disrupted in the process of producing the lab grown diamond.

-          Pink and White Pure Grown Diamonds are a Type IIa in nature diamond, meaning they are equal to less than 2% of the purest Earth-mined diamonds.

-          Each diamond comes with an IGI or GCAL certification of authenticity, done by an independent gem lab, and is laser inscribed with the words Lab Grown as well as their unique report number for that stone.