One day only! One of a kind merchandise, along with a large selection of loose diamonds and gemstones will be featured in stores for one day only! Come see our selection of engagement rings from Carizza, Romance Rings, fashion and diamond goods from Effy, loose diamonds from Pure Grown Diamonds, and introducing, Zeppelin Watches.

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Featuring some of the most intricate pieces from the Carizza 18 Karat Gold diamond bridal collection, each design embodies a sense of artistic expression that is sure to excite and impress. 



Atlantic Diamond Company is a premier diamond wholesaler headquartered in Chicago with diamond networks in Belgium, Israel and India. For 35 years, we have been ensuring coverage throughout the world’s diamond cutting processing centers. Come see the variety of bold, and one of a kind large gemstones set with beautiful diamonds, and colored diamond engagement rings. 

Zeppelin Zigarre auf silber (mit grau hinterlegt)

Zeppelin Watches

The Zeppelin watch brand brings to the discerning consumer the timeless elegance, exclusivity and technical refinement associated with airship transport. Technological advances may have overtaken the Zeppelin in terms of practicality and efficiency, yet flight by Zeppelin has lost none of its romance throughout aviation history. 



Effy’s bold, stylish jewelry fuses an adventurous sensibility with meticulous craftsmanship. Their flawlessly made, trend-driven pieces are instantly recognizable thanks to vivid gemstones that appeal to your inner explorer. Exotic touches and global influences make each piece of Effy Jewelry stand out. From gemstones to diamond jewelry, the trendy pieces are sure to excite. 

Romance Rings

Romance utilizes their own special RomanceWhite™ gold alloy, which offers the pristine whiteness of platinum without the high cost. This advanced white metal can easily be finished and is not as brittle as other white metal alloys for lasting brightness and durability.


Pure Grown Diamonds

Pure Grown Diamonds, also referred to as Lab Grown Diamonds, are identical to mined diamonds in sharing the same physical, optical and chemical properties. With a large selection of loose diamonds, semi mounts, and fully finished pieces, Pure Grown Diamonds are sure to impress.