One day only! One of a kind merchandise, along with a large selection of loose diamonds and gemstones will be featured in stores for one day only! Come see our selection of engagement rings, birthstone collections, stackable bands, diamond ring guards, and loose diamonds from Lali Jewels, MWI Eloquence, Paramount Gems, Effy, FYRE™ Grown Diamonds, and Novell Design Studios.

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Paramount gems

From the 7th generation family owned diamond business, Paramount Gems brings you sophisticated engagement and wedding sets!


Novell Design Studios 

Stackables! The fashion trend that is sweeping the jewelry scene. Novell Design Studios brings you a wide selection of white, rose, and yellow gold stackable bands, along with platinum! From braided designs, to octagon cut, and hammer finishes, Novell is sure to have something for everyone!



Effy’s bold, stylish jewelry fuses an adventurous sensibility with meticulous craftsmanship. Their flawlessly made, trend-driven pieces are instantly recognizable thanks to vivid gemstones that appeal to your inner explorer. Exotic touches and global influences make each piece of Effy Jewelry stand out. From gemstones to diamond jewelry, the trendy pieces are sure to excite. 


lali jewels

Genuine gemstones, sparkling diamonds, magnificent jewelry designs. Lali Jewels brings you gorgeous fashion pieces with dazzling designs that will be sure to wow anyone!


MWI Eloquence

From sparkling semi mounts to colorful colored diamond fashion jewelry, MWI has brought to you a gorgeous selection of blue, yellow, and brown diamond jewelry, along with diamond semi mounts that are sure to impress.


FYRE™ grown diamonds

Pure Grown Diamonds, also referred to as Lab Grown Diamonds, are identical to mined diamonds in sharing the same physical, optical and chemical properties. With a large selection of loose diamonds, semi mounts, and fully finished pieces, Pure Grown Diamonds are sure to impress.