10 Karat White Gold 1 C.T.W. Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Earrings ~LABDF00004~


10 Karat White Gold 1 C.T.W. Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Earrings ~LABDF00004~


Elegant. Sophisticated. Dazzling.

This 3 stone lab grown diamond pendant has a graduating set of stones, set in 10k white gold.

Available in 1/2 C.T.W. and 1 C.T.W.

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What are Pure Grown Diamonds? 

  •  Pure Grown Diamonds, also referred to as Lab Grown Diamonds, are identical to mined diamonds in sharing the same physical, optical and chemical properties.

  • The production cycle of lab-grown diamonds takes about 10-12 weeks to produce the rough diamonds. The diamonds then must go through the processes of cutting, polishing, and certification.

  • These diamonds are a type IIa diamond, which are among the less than 2% of diamonds, which makes them extremely rare, because they are considered the purest form of diamonds. They tend to have the fewest inclusions, and imperfections. This allows the light to easily pass through the diamond, producing a stunning, sparkling, brilliant gem.

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5-YEAR PEACE OF MIND PLAN ($1,001 - $1,500)

The Peace of Mind Plan covers many repairs needed on protected jewelry worn under normal conditions for a full five years. You can renew this plan for as long as you wish.  Learn More

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