Elk Ivory Jewelry

The beauty of the great outdoors is unsurpassable, but it's sure rewarding to get close.

As an outdoorsman, you appreciate the amazing splendor of nature. What better way to capture that than an Elk Ivory masterpiece from Jensen Ringmakers. Elk Ivory jewelry celebrates western traditions with a majestic and personal touch. Each Elk Ivory masterpiece by Jensen Ringmakers is hand-crafted with the same precision of an expert marksman. No two pieces are alike, you'll know you have a one-of-a-kind memento of your great adventure.

Over 62 styles of Elk Ivory Jewelry are available in both gents and ladies designs, crafted according to the highest standards of Jensen Ringmakers. These pieces are created using high-quality 10K to 18K white and yellow gold along with the finest diamonds. Jensen Ringmakers strives for perfection and the quality of our Elk Ivory Jewelry is second to none.
Every Masterpiece Tells A Different Story

At Jensen Ringmakers, nothing pleases us more than creating exactly the Elk Ivory treasure to fit your needs. That's why we incorporate a variety of customizable options for each and every customer during ordering, including simple design modifications, gold antiquing, even Boone and Crockett Score engravings - all included in the quoted price of each piece. Ask any of our representatives to tell you more about customizing your Elk Ivory selection.